In accordance to statistical indicators that highlight smallest business failure: 

Financial institutions, economic development opportunities and external investment benefits continue to go astray as a result of ill-prepared business practices associated with a failing enterprise., by de facto provides the competitive edge for the business member lacking the professional means to communicate in today's marketplace.  

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Corporate Community Partnership Investments 

Adopted and sustaining Principal operations: (i) Housing Trust-fund <> Holdings-company and (ii) Coop Smallest Business Commercialization Development (SBCD) standardized investments:  

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• Smallest Business Commercialization Investments.
• Business – Workforce Protégé Training.
• Business – Workforce Profit-sharing Collaborations.
• Housing – Trust Fund Reinvestments Programing.
• Homes for Working Poor Program.
• Public Housing Modernization Program.
• Access to Affordable Home Purchase Program.
• Urban Initiatives Program.’s Urban Renewal Initiative Program (URIP) has remained the catalyst to thousands of very small businesses deserving representation in the marketplace.

 Our Expertise

Marketplace Innovations workforce contracts supports a business development partnership regardless of the Clients’ ability to pay.

With a registered 1.9 million black businesses, amid an emerging national subcategory of 500 independent sales-force representatives entering the workforce: is a dedicated provider to quality assurance and control for how contracts are secured and sustained for the Client and the Sponsor.   

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Fast Track Success

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Housing Trust-fund and Holdings-company benefits option.

Sign-up as a part of’s 500 independent contractors workforce to learn how wraparound business services saves your business from going out of business.

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